Mangart to Monte Grappa 700k 17500vm

in september 6 of us are gonna visit the Dolomites, with our bikes, van and tents. Starting from Slovenia with the spectacular Mangart we ride in zeven stages to the Monte Grappa. During our stage tour we’ll meet famous climbs like Zoncolan, Monte Crostis, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Passo Giau, Passo Duran but with many more unknown climbs and small bending roads with more natural scenery…On the pages below you find more about our 7 stages…

A group of 4 unpaved riders is going for a Lake District MTB ride out this spring…This puts a smile on my face already…

This is where we are going…Gatesgarth first part,

Grizdale Bike Park (second part)

(Source: unpaved-cycle-club)

MTB Lake District may 2014

This May four of us are going to the Lake District for a 4 day mountainbike trip from around Keswick and Ambleside. On this page more about these 4 roundtrips….

  1. Lonscale fell & Windesmere bike park
  2. Garburn, Gatesgarth Nan Bield, Highstreet & Boredale 70k 2200vm
  3. Walna Scar Tour of Coniston 70k 1400vm
  4. Grizdale Forest Trails

Can Conti GP 4000 be made tubeless? NO YOU SHOULD NOT!!!

Saturday i am gonna ride the Paris Roubaix Challenge…I don’t ride tubulars so i might be completely wrong but i assumed the best thing to do is to make my clincher tires tubeless…I would have preferred some Hutchinson’s but these are only sold in the US! :(…My favourite tire is the Continental GP 4000 25mm but officially these are not made to make tubeless, neither as my simple Easton rims…Hence this experiment guerilla style in nine steps…


  1. Clean the rims completely…i used some gasoline and soap.
  2. two layers of Notubes Yellow rim tape of 21mm. It goes to the side of the rims too.
  3. clean the inside of the tire with dishwashing soap to support the work of the sealant later. After dry it.
  4. pinch a hole and insert a Notubes valve…
  5. i soaped the side of the Continental GP 4000 with some dishwashing soap and put the tyre over the rims. Make sure the sides fit around the valve.
  6. inflate the tire fast with with CO2 to make the sidewalls pop to the rim side…(don’t skip this step!)
  7. remove the valve top and insert Notubes sealant. i used 50ml which is probably way to much but i had to make sure.
  8. Than pump up the tire with a handpump…don’t use CO2. It is not recommended in combination with Notubes sealant.
  9. After reaching 6 bar spin the weel and let the sidewalls heal and seal.

BUT NO…the experiment failed…First after 7,5 bar my tyre exploded on me…But pigheaded as i am i assumed i could ride Paris Roubaix just with 5,5 bar pressure as i wanted to…Though i was wise enough to test ride one more time and YES after 3km my rear explored again just with 5,5 bar…OK nice try…Conclusion: Don’t try to ride non-tubeless tyres tubeless like the Continentals…go search for real Tubeless approved ones like the Hutchison 28mm pave…image